Privacy Policy




1.1 The COMPANY is committed to safeguarding the privacy of a CUSTOMER’S personal information or data in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act No.4 of 2013, as amended from time to time (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”).

1.2 This Policy applies to the CUSTOMER’S use of the COMPANY’S website specifically and forms part of the COMPANY’S General Terms and conditions of business (hereinafter referred to as the “TERMS”).

1.3 By accessing or utilising the COMPANY’S website, the CUSTOMER specifically agrees to the terms of this Policy as amended from time to time. The COMPANY reserves its right to amend the terms of this Policy.


2.1 This Policy applies to all data subjects (i.e. persons (whether a natural or juristic person) to whom the PERSONAL INFORMATION relates), and whose PERSONAL INFORMATION the COMPANY processes and collects.

2.2 This Policy applies to all PERSONAL INFORMATION, whether it was provided to the COMPANY through the use of its website or through any other form of communications with the CUSTOMER such as email, telephone, or otherwise.

2.3 Processing of PERSONAL INFORMATION means any operation or activity undertaken by the COMPANY, including but not limited to the following:

2.3.1 the collection, receipt, recording, organisation, collation, retrieval, alteration, consultation or use;

2.3.2 dissemination by means of transmission, distribution or making available in any form;

2.3.3 merging, linking as well as restriction, degradation, erasure or destruction of information.


3.1 The CUSTOMER does not have to provide the COMPANY with personal information in order to visit or access the freely available sections of its website. Some services on the COMPANY’S website may, however, be restricted to subscribers only (including but not limited to the purchase of TICKETS, promotional features and competitions (if any)). In order for the CUSTOMER to use such subscriber services the COMPANY will require certain personal information from the CUSTOMER. The personal information will be collected when the CUSTOMER registers with the COMPANY or when the CUSTOMER chooses to use one of the subscriber services available via its website.

3.2 All personal information will be collected, stored and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Act and the CUSTOMER consents to such use when it subscribes to these subscriber services.


4.1 PERSONAL INFORMATION is information relating to an identifiable, living, natural person, and where it is applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person, which information includes, but is not limited to the following:

4.1.1 information relating to race, gender, marital status, ethnic or social origin;

4.1.2 information relating to age or disability;

4.1.3 information relating an e-mail address, physical address, telephone number, identification number, location information, online identifier; biometric information; personal preferences, views;

4.1.4 correspondence of a private or confidential nature.

4.2 The nature of the PERSONAL INFORMATION that the COMPANY collects about its customers is dependent on:

4.2.1 the transaction that the CUSTOMER is completing;

4.2.2 the reason that the CUSTOMER is communicating with the COMPANY for; and

4.2.3 the Channel that is used to communicate with the COMPANY.

When the COMPANY’S Internet pages are called up, the COMPANY receives access data that is stored for protective purposes which allows the COMPANY to identify the CUSTOMER. This data includes:

4.2.4 the name of the CUSTOMER’S Internet service provider;

4.2.5 the country the CUSTOMER resides in;

4.2.6 the website the CUSTOMER comes from to visit the COMPANY;

4.2.7 the search term the CUSTOMER uses, if it accesses the COMPANY’S website via a search engine;

4.2.8 the websites of the COMPANY that the CUSTOMER visits;

4.2.9 the user tool (web browser, operating system) the CUSTOMER uses to access the website;

4.2.10 files that the CUSTOMER downloads from the COMPANY’S website (e.g. PDF or Word documents);

4.2.11 the duration of the CUSTOMER’S visit on the website;

4.2.12 the date and the time of the CUSTOMER’S visit on the website;

4.3 This information is assessed by the COMPANY and allows it to optimize its offerings as a whole and to personalize the content specifically for the CUSTOMER, e.g. recognize the CUSTOMER as a return visitor to the COMPANY’S Internet offering. For security reasons, the IP address of the computer used to access the website shall be stored for a period of 1 (One) month.



5.1.1 voluntarily provides the COMPANY with information;

5.1.2 subscribes to or consents to receiving newsletters or other communications from the COMPANY;

5.1.3 browses, visits or participates in the COMPANY’S website;

5.1.4 registers an online profile on the COMPANY’S website;

5.1.5 purchases or enquires about the TICKETS sold by the COMPANY;

5.1.6 makes general enquiries, lodge complaints, and communicate with the COMPANY;

5.2 From time to time the COMPANY may collect PERSONAL INFORMATION from trusted third parties, in which case it shall ensure that the CUSTOMER has provided its consent in respect thereof.

5.3 The COMPANY does not collect or retain banking details utilised to purchase the TICKETS. This information is only collected by financial institutions that have their own privacy policies in place.

5.4 The COMPANY also collects PERSONAL INFORMATION in circumstances where the CUSTOMER utilises “cookies”

For sake of clarity, a cookie is a piece of information that is deposited by the COMPANY’S computer server when the CUSTOMER visits the COMPANY’S website which is stored on the CUSTOMER’S computer's hard drive by its web browser. On revisiting the website, the COMPANY’S computer server will recognise the cookies, giving it information about the CUSTOMER’S last visit. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but usually the CUSTOMER can alter the settings of its browser to prevent automatic acceptance. If the CUSTOMER chooses not to receive cookies, it may not be able to use all the features of the COMPANY’S website.

5.5 To prevent the CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION from being used by Google Analytics the CUSTOMER can install an opt-out browser add-on (visit for details). Most web browsers can be adjusted to inform the CUSTOMER when a cookie has been sent to it and provide the CUSTOMER with the opportunity to refuse that cookie. Refusing a cookie may, in some cases, preclude the CUSTOMER from using, or negatively impact, the display or function of the COMPANY’S websites or certain areas or features of its websites.

5.6 The COMPANY shall not sell, rent or otherwise disclose its personal information to any third party without the CUSTOMER’S express consent, provided that by using the website and/or subscribing for any of the COMPANY’S services, the CUSTOMER provides its express and informed consent for the COMPANY to disclose its personal information to third parties as follows:

5.6.1 to third party companies employed by the COMPANY to provide services for it, including for example, website hosting, administration, maintenance and development. These companies require access to the CUSTOMER’S personal information to perform their functions and not for any other purpose;

5.6.2 to transfer the CUSTOMER’S database/s, including personal information contained therein, to any third party who acquires all or substantially all of the assets or shares in the COMPANY or the COMPANY’S website service whether by sale, merger, acquisition or otherwise;

5.6.3 to governmental agencies, exchanges and other regulatory or self-regulatory organisations if the COMPANY is required to do so by law or if the COMPANY believes that such action is necessary to: comply with the law or with any legal process; protect and defend the COMPANY’S rights and property or that of its CUSTOMERS and companies in its group; prevent fraud or abuse, misuse or unauthorised use of the COMPANY’S website; and/or protect the personal safety or property of its CUSTOMERS or the public (if the CUSTOMER provides false or deceptive information about itself or misrepresents itself as being someone else, the COMPANY shall disclose such information to the appropriate regulatory bodies and commercial entities); and

5.6.4 if applicable, to personalise the CUSTOMER’S experience on the COMPANY’S website, to help the CUSTOMER log on in future and to continue to use the website, to reply to queries the CUSTOMER might have, to provide it with support and to help the COMPANY select services or materials for inclusion on its website, which may be of interest to the CUSTOMER.

5.7 The COMPANY undertakes not to use the CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION other than for the purpose for which it was provided or collected, and in accordance with the COMPANY’S legitimate interests and legal obligations.

5.8 The COMPANY reserves the right to share non-personal, non-individual information in aggregate form with third parties for business purposes, for example with advertisers on the COMPANY’S website or business associates and partners. The CUSTOMER shall not be identifiable from such data. The COMPANY is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the privacy practices of such third parties.


Every time the CUSTOMER connects to the COMPANY’S website it stores web server logs, which show the CUSTOMER’S IP address (the unique number which the CUSTOMER’S machine uses when it is connected to the Internet); what the CUSATOMER looked at; whether the page request was successful or not, and which browser the CUSTOMER used to view the pages. The use of this data is strictly for statistical purposes and personalisation purposes only. This helps the COMPANY determine which areas of the site are of particular interest and also which pages are not being requested.


The COMPANY’S website may contain links to other websites. Please note that it is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the privacy practices of third-party websites or the manner in which they use cookies and therefore advise the CUSTOMER to read the privacy statements of each website it visits, which collects personal information


8.1 The COMPANY shall keep a CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION for different periods of time depending on the use or purpose that the PERSONAL INFORMATION was provided or collected, as well as the CUSTOMER’S preferences regarding marketing, recruitment and other correspondence.

8.2 Unless there is a specific law requiring the COMPANY to keep the CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION, it will not keep it for longer than necessary. Details of records that we retain for legal purposes are explained in the CUSTOMER’S PAIA manual which can be found on the COMPANY’S website.

8.3 The COMPANY undertakes to safely delete or destroy PERSONAL INFORMATION, which it is are no longer required or not permitted to retain, or for which it does not have the CUSTOMER’S express consent.


The COMPANY further undertakes to secure the integrity and confidentiality of the CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION that is in its possession and under its control, by taking the appropriate reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent loss, damage, unauthorised destruction, unlawful access, or unlawful processing of the CUSTOMER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION. In doing so, the COMPANY shall have due regard to generally accepted applicable or industry information security practices and procedures.


10.1 The CUSTOMER has the following options available to it in respect of its PERSONAL INFORMATION that the COMPANY processes:

10.1.1 it may inquire from the COMPANY, at no cost, whether the COMPANY holds its PERSONAL INFORMATION, as long as it provides the COMPANY with adequate proof of its identity;

10.1.2 where necessary, request the correction, destruction or deletion of its PERSONAL INFORMATION;

10.1.3 object to, restrict or limit the processing of its PERSONAL INFORMATION;

10.1.4 object to the COMPANY utilising PERSONAL INFORMATION for purposes of direct marketing;

10.1.5 request to not have its PERSONAL INFORMATION used to be sent unsolicited emails.

10.2 The CUSTOMER can exercise any of its rights listed above by sending an email to (INSERT EMAIL). If the CUSTOMER wants to change its email preferences, it can do so by selecting the preference settings on the most recent email that it received. Where the COMPANY has reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person making an enquiry, it may request additional information in order to confirm the identity of the person, such as an identity document, including a driver’s licence or passport.

10.3 Please note that the above rights are not absolute, and the COMPANY may be entitled to refuse requests, where exceptions apply. Should the COMPANY determine that the CUSTOMER is not entitled to exercise a specific right, the COMPANY will provide it with the reason in respect thereof.

10.4 Should the CUSTOMER have reasonable grounds to believe that its PERSONAL INFORMATION has been accessed or acquired by any unauthorised person, the COMPANY shall, as soon as is reasonably possible and lawfully required, notify the applicable regulator/s, as well as the CUSTOMER, unless it is unable to establish the identity of the PERSONAL INFORMATION that has been unlawfully accessed.

10.5 Should the CUSTOMER have any concerns regarding or relating to the COMPANY’S privacy policy it may submit an email to (INSERT). The COMPANY will review the CUSTOMER’S concerns and attempt to resolve any complaint relating in accordance with this Policy and applicable law.



1.1 General information about cookies

1.1.1 Cookies are small text files that are used by many websites in South Africa and internationally. Cookies are created when a CUSTOMER visit the COMPANY’S website and is deposited on a CUSTOMER’S hard drive by the COMPANY’S server. The COMPANY’S cookies do not contain any personal data. Cookies deposited by the COMPANY’S servers can only be read by the COMPANY and not by any other website. Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. If the CUSTOMER does not want to use the advantages of cookies, it can deactivate this function in the CUSTOMER’S browser. Please note there are various settings that are available on the CUSTOMER’S browser. Naturally, the CUSTOMER can also view the COMPANY’S website without cookies. However, doing so may limit the functions that are available to the CUSTOMER on the COMPANY’S website.

1.2 Conversion tracking

1.2.1 Tools provided by third parties are used on this website for analysis purposes. These tools measure how effective advertisements are at addressing the user (aka “conversion tracking”).

1.2.2 When the CUSTOMER clicks on an advertisement of one of the third-party providers listed below, a cookie for conversion tracking is deposited on the CUSTOMER’S computer. If the CUSTOMER visits a certain Internet site, the third-party provider and the COMPANY can recognize that the CUSTOMER clicked on the ad and were redirected to that specific site. This makes it possible for the COMPANY to collect data that is important for its advertising activities. Where applicable, it informs the COMPANY of the total number of users that clicked on an advertisement, the length of their stay, their operating system, device model, location, payment transactions made and which mobile app functions have been used. However, it does not provide the COMPANY with any personal information regarding the user's identity.

1.2.3 If the CUSTOMER does not wish to participate in this form of conversion tracking, it can decline to have the necessary cookie placed on its system by setting its browser to generally deactivate the automatic placement of cookies. By way of example, the CUSTOMER can use its Internet browser's “do not track” (DNT) option.

1.2.4 The COMPANY works with the following third-party providers within the scope of its conversion tracking activities:

1.3 bing Ads Conversion Pixel

1.3.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA, is available here.

1.4 Firebase Analytics für Apps

1.4.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Firebase, Inc., 22 4th St. Suite 1000 (10th Floor), San Francisco, CA 94103, USA, is available here.

1.5 Ligatus Conversion Pixel

1.5.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Ligatus GmbH, Hohenstaufenring 30-32, 50674 Köln, is available here.

1.6 Etracker

1.6.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of etracker GmbH, Erste Brunnenstraße 1, 20459 Hamburg, is available here. The collection and storage of data by etracker may be revoked with future effect at any time.

1.7 Outbrain Conversion Pixel

1.7.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Outbrain Inc., 39 West 13th Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10011, USA, is available here.

1.8 “DoubleClick by Google” (Accuen Conversion Pixel)/Google Adwords Conversion Pixel

1.8.1 “DoubleClick by Google” is a service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). “DoubleClick by Google” uses cookies to display advertising based on a CUSTOMER’S interests. To do so, it assigns the browser a pseudonym identification number (ID), which is used to check which ads have been displayed in its browser and which ads have been accessed. The cookies do not contain any information that could be traced back to the CUSTOMER. The use of “DoubleClick cookies” allows Google and its affiliate sites to display ads based on previous visits to the COMPANY’S or other websites on the Internet. The information generated by the cookies is transmitted by Google to a server in the USA for analysis and stored there. Google does not transmit data to third parties unless required to do so by law or if third parties are processing the data on behalf of Google. Under no circumstances will Google associate the CUSTOMER’S data with any other data collected by Google.

1.8.2 The CUSTOMER can prevent the storage of cookies using an appropriate setting in its browser software. Please note that if the CUSTOMER does this, some features of the COMPANY’S websites may no longer function properly. In addition, the CUSTOMER can also prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookies about its use of the websites and the processing of that data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin available under “DoubleClick Opt-out Extension” at the following link.

1.8.3 Additional information about data protection and cookies from Google is available here.

1.9 Twitter Conversion Pixel

1.9.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA, is available here.

1.10 Seeding Alliance Conversion Pixel

1.10.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Seeding Alliance GmbH, Lichtstr. 25, 50825 Köln, is available here. The collection and storage of data by Seeding Alliance may be revoked with future effect at any time.

1.11 LinkedIn Conversion Pixel

1.11.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of LinkedIn Corporation, 1000 West Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale CA 94085, USA, is available here.


1.12.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG, Riesstraße 25, 80992 München, is available here.

1.13 Sizmek Conversion Pixel

1.13.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Sizmek, Inc., USA, is available here.

1.14 Facebook Conversion Pixel

1.14.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Facebook, Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA, is available here.

1.15 Aumago Retargeting Pixel

1.15.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Aumago GmbH, Neue Schönhauser Str. 20, 10178 Berlin, is available here. Users can either delete cookies directly in their browser, edit their cookie preferences at or deactivate Aumago's cookies at at any time.

1.16 Quantcast Conversion Pixel

1.16.1 Additional information regarding data privacy and the cookies of Quantcast Deutschland GmbH, Leopoldstrasse 23, 80802 München, is available here. Users can also switch off Quantcast cookies at any time at

1.17 Other tools for marketing and optimization purposes

1.17.1 Th COMPANY uses the following tools for marketing and optimization purposes: Google Adwords Remarketing Pixel Using the Google Inc. (“Google”) Remarketing or “Similar target groups” function allows the COMPANY to direct targeted advertisements to visitors of the website by offering interest-based advertisements that have been personalized for visitors of the COMPANY’S site when they visit other sites in the Google Display network. Google uses so-called “cookies” to analyze usage of the website, which is the basis for interest-based advertising. To do so, Google saves a small file with a numeric sequence in the browser of the website's visitors. This number is used to record the number of visits to the website and anonymous data about the website's use. No personal data of the website's visitors is recorded. If the CUSTOMER visits another website in the Google Display network after being at the COMPANY’S site, it will be shown advertisements that very likely take into account product and information sites that have been called up in the past. The CUSTOMER can permanently deactivate the use of cookies by Google by clicking on the following link and then downloading and installing the plug-in that the CUSTOMER finds there: Alternatively, the CUSTOMER can deactivate the use of cookies by third parties by calling up the deactivation site of the Network Advertising Initiative at and following the opt-out instructions there. Additional information about Google Remarketing and Google's data privacy policy is available here: Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager is a solution that allows the COMPANY to manage various website tags from a user interface. The Tag Manager tool itself (which implements the tags) is a cookie-less domain and does not record any personal data. The tool triggers other tags that record data in some circumstances. Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If a deactivation was made at the domain or cookie level, it remains in place for all tracking tags that are implemented with Google Tag Manager. Quantcast Remarketing Pixel Quantcast provides the COMPANY with a service for audience measurement and for advertising purposes. Using Quantcast Remarketing allows the COMPANY to address those who visit the COMPANY’S website in a targeted manner. Quantcast associates the information about the CUSTOMER’S use of the website or the app with a unique identifier (your cookie ID), not the name, the e-mail address or the telephone number. Additional information is available in the Quantcast Privacy Policy. The CUSTOMER may opt out of advertising and data collection by Quantcast at any time: Additional information about Quantcast and the Quantcast Privacy Policy is available at: Eloqua The COMPANTY uses the Eloqua service for optimal communication with its CUSTOMERS. The Eloqua servers of the COMPANY’S service provider, ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG, Riesstrasse 25, 80992 Munich, Germany, are located in the EU. In the context of support and administration services, the COMPANY cannot rule out the possibility that in individual cases, individual employees of the Oracle Corporation outside of the EU may have access to user data in the course of providing contractually obligated services. As a precautionary measure, the COMPANY has ensured an adequate level of data protection from the Oracle Corporation, through sufficient guarantees as required by the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Eloqua will place a persistent cookie on each login page, if no Eloqua cookie is already present on the CUSTOMER’S device. If the CUSTOMER has already visited a website that uses Eloqua, then it may already have an Eloqua cookie. Eloqua cookies may be used to analyze how the COMPANY’S sites are being used, so that it can continue to improve them. Emails that are sent using Eloqua make use of tracking technologies. The COMPANY uses this data primarily to find out what subjects are interesting for the CUSTOMER, by determining whether its emails were opened and which links the CUSTOMER clicked on. The COMPANY then uses this information to improve both the emails that the COMPNY sends to CUSTOMERS and the services that it provides, and to connect them with existing tracking or profiling information. To avoid the use of Eloqua cookies on the device in the future, the CUSTOMER may visit the following link:

1.18 If the CUSTOMER does not want the COMPANY to recognize its computer on subsequent visits (with cookies stored on the hard drive), the CUSTOMER can also set up its browser to delete cookies, block all cookies, or warn the CUSTOMER before a cookie is stored. If the CUSTOMER does not accept cookies, it will not be able to use some of the COMPANY’S services. In general, cookies allow the COMPANY to determine who the CUSTOMER is, and thus offer the CUSTOMER better and more personalized services.

1.19 LeadLab (wiredminds)

1.19.1 The COMPANY uses products of wiredminds GmbH ( for marketing and optimization purposes. These products collect and process the CUSTOMER’S personal data and use it to create usage profiles under a pseudonym. These usage profiles are fully anonymized where possible and appropriate. The COMPANY and wiredminds employ cookies and/or Web beacons (also known as tracking pixels) on this website. The COMPANY transfers the data it collects about the CUSTOMER, which may also include personal data, to wiredminds or wiredminds gathers this data directly. Wiredminds is entitled to use information that the CUSTOMER leaves behind by visiting the COMPANY’S Websites to create anonymized usage profiles. The data collected shall not be used to personally identify visitors to this website without the express permission of the party affected and shall not be merged with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym. Any IP addresses recorded are anonymized immediately by deleting the last number block. Permission to collect and store data in the future may be revoked at any time.

1.20 SalesViewer

1.20.1 The COMPANY has implemented SalesViewer® technology, owned by SalesViewer®, to gather and store data for research, marketing and optimization purposes. This data allows creating user profiles under fictitious names. Tracking scripts are being applied to help generate simple company information. This information can neither be used to personally identify a visitor of the website without his/her explicit permission, nor can personal information be associated with his/her fictitious name.

1.21 Opt-Out-Link:

1.21.1 Generating and storing information can be denied at any time in the future. This way an “opt-out-cookie” for this particular website will be implemented on the CUSTOMER’S device. In the event that the CUSTOMER deletes cookies in this browser it must click the above link again.

1.22 Lead Inspector:

1.22.1 The COMPANY uses products of Lead Inspector GmbH ( for marketing and optimization purposes. These products collect and process the CUSTOMER’S personal data and use it to create usage profiles under a pseudonym. These usage profiles are fully anonymized where possible and appropriate. The COMPANY and Lead Inspector employ cookies and/or Web beacons (also known as tracking pixels) on this Website. The COMPANY transfers the data that it collects about the CUSTOMER, which may also include personal data, to Lead Inspector or Lead Inspector gathers this data directly. Lead Inspector is entitled to use information that the CUSTOMER leaves behind by visiting the COMPANY’S Websites to create anonymized usage profiles. The data collected shall not be used to personally identify visitors to this Website, without the express permission of the party affected and shall not be merged with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym. Any IP addresses recorded are anonymized immediately by deleting the last number block.

1.23 Opt-Out-Link:

1.23.1 Permission to collect and store data in the future may be revoked at any time.

1.24 Other active content (e.g. Javascript, ActiveX)

1.24.1 Javascript, ActiveX and other website control elements and script languages that contain executing elements can be deactivated at any time, for security reasons using the CUSTOMER’S browser. The COMPANY web pages are still navigable without Javascript.

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